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Supernatural Fella

Cremello Offspring Color Chart


A SORREL horse that received one copy of the crème gene from both of its parents, and has blue eyes, cream to nearly white hair coat, and a white mane and tail.

Most people and color calculators will tell you that if you breed a cremello to a sorrel or chestnut mare that there is a 100% chance of getting a palomino. This is for the most part correct, but there are actually 2 different genotypes for sorrels and 4 different genotypes for chestnut horses. This is also true for many of the other "standard" colors used by the horse industry. As a result, there are many different colors you can get by breeding a cremello to a sorrel/chestnut mare. Some of these colors are called duns (Claybank Dun, Lilac Dun, Yellow Dun & etc), but these genotypes do not include the dun gene which makes it somewhat confusing. What we have done below is listed some of the basic colors by actual color/genotype name and the possible resulting colors from crossing them with a Cremello. We have also adjusted the chart slightly due to "Supernatural Fella" being Homozygous for the Agouti Gene!


Cremello Stallion

Sorrel Ruano Mare 100% Palomino
Sorrel Tostado Mare 50% Palomino, 50% Claybank Dun
Bay Mare 50% Palomino, 38% Buckskin, 6% Yellow Dun, 6% Lilac Dun
Black Mare 50% Palomino, 38% Buckskin, 6% Yellow Dun, 6% Lilac Dun
Chestnut Ruano Mare 50% Palomino, 38% Smutty Palomino, 12% Pink-Skinned Palomino
Chestnut Tostado Mare 25% Palomino, 25% Claybank Dun, 19% Smutty Palomino, 19% Smutty Claybank Dun, 6% Pink-Skinned Palomino, 6% Pink-Skinned Claybank Dun

Chocolate Chestnut Mare

(with Ed , Jet Black, gene)

50% Palomino, 25% Buckskin, 25% Lilac Dun

Chocolate Chestnut Mare

(with E, Black, gene)

50% Palomino, 25% Buckskin, 12.5% Lilac Dun, 12.5% Yellow Dun
Palomino Mare 50% Palomino 50% Cremello
Buckskin Mare 25% Palomino, 25% Cremello, 24% Perlino, 19% Buckskin, 5% Yellow Dun, 3% Lilac Dun,
Smoky Black Mare 25% Palomino, 25% Cremello, 30.5% Perlino, 18% Buckskin, 3% Yellow Dun, 6% Lilac Dun

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